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Biofiton, a company registered in the EU, subcontracts its production requirements to AIM Research-and-Production Pharmaceutical Company.

It has been developing, creating and manufacturing unique 100% natural herbal products since 1994.

The company’s researchers carried out a series of studies on what influences the level of active substances in plants.

The level of active substances in plants directly determines the pharmacological efficancy of the final product.

The findings show the existence of “places of force”.

Places of force have the ideal climate, soil and water conditions for each plant type.

Plants that grow in such places, contain the largest amount of active substances.

This fact provided the basis for identifying where best to source wild and commercially produced medicinal plants, used in manufacturing Biofiton products.

Biofiton phyto-products are manufactured in the form of Phyto-tablets and Phyto- suppositories which contain extracts and essence of medicinal plants.

Other Biofiton 100% natural herb products include: skin care Cosmetics, fast relief Tinctures, ailment relief Syrups and intensive teas.

The unique innovative cryo-genic grinding technology is used in the production of Biofiton Phyto-products.

Compared with traditional methods of processing raw vegetable material, cryo – genic grinding has many positive features, excluding traditional disadvantages.

Today cryo-genic grinding is recognized by many as the most effective natural production process.

Due to the cryo-genic grinding technology of the plant cell membranes are opened.

This enables the active ingredients of all Biofiton Phyto-products to quickly reach the bloodstream, facilitating the high pharmacological effect.

With deep freezing in liquid nitrogen, the action of oxidative enzymes is suspended.

The processes of oxidation, aggregation and caramelizing of the materials are prevented.

This provides maximum retention of the nutrients, natural taste and aroma of plants.

In other words, the Pharmacological efficacy of Phyto-products, prepared with cryo-genic grinding technology, is increased several fold compared with products prepared using traditional manufacturing methods.

Biofiton products include more than 30 vitamins and microelements.

Also preserved are phenol compounds – essential substances which cannot be synthesized by the body.

Biofiton Phyto-products are excellent anti-oxidants.

They prevent oxidation of active chemical compounds in the body.

This significantly decreases the risk of various diseases, including cancers.

The facility meets the most up-to-date requirements regarding air and water filtration and purification.

These are very important aspects for pharmaceutical production, providing sterility and the appropriate cleanliness grades for: clean room manufacturing, storage areas, sanitary zones, laboratories and other associated facilities.

The company uses new-generation pharmaceutical equipment, produced by leading world manufacturers.

This equipment was developed specially for this facility, taking into account the requirements and unique technologies used in the production of Biofiton products.

Company experts are constantly developing new original 100% natural herbal products from medicinal plants.

Creation of para-pharmaceutic Biofiton Phyto-products are a real breakthrough in medicine and pharmacology. This is a new step in phyto-therapy development.

The possibility of such a breakthrough was provided by the efficient combination of age-old knowledge regarding the health power of herbs and innovative technologies.

The company pays a lot attention to the quality control of raw materials and finished products.

The laboratory equipment is state of the art and performs a whole range of tests on medicinal plants, extracts and substances.

Biofiton’s 100% natural range is very varied with 30 types of phyto-products.

Biofiton phyto-suppositories are produced from thick medicinal plant extract and cacao butter, without any synthetic components and hydrogenated fats.

Such unique formulation distinguishes Biofiton phyto-suppositories from other marketed products.

They decrease the risk of allergic reaction and side effects, providing high pharmacological efficiency and safe application.

Biofiton phyto-suppository products are: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, regenerating, immune-stimulating and, antioxidant effective.

They promote tissue resistance to pathogen floras by increasing antibodies.

Application of Biofiton phyto-suppositories significantly increases local immune protection and assists the body to fight against infections and inflammatory processes.

High pharmacological efficacy and safe use are the main criteria, met by all Biofiton products.

Today Biofiton products have many domestic and foreign patents.

They have numerous national awards for their contribution to health improvement and longevity in you, your family and the society we live in.