30% Cashback

Are you wondering on how to earn money quickly and easily while maintaining your integrity and your good name? We have something for you!

Biofiton with its unique 100% natural intensive products offers you the opportunity to generate passive income and permanent or repeat monthly payments. Everything depends on you and your skills.

We are not offering false expectations, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) systems or other fanciful cooperation structures. With our simple transparent software you can be sure that you will be the only beneficiary of your own effort. You will not be sharing your earnings with others. There are no starter packs, you do not need to buy to sell on, nor make any cash investments. You advertise and promote us, make the sale and we pay you. You only invest your time and skills and benefit in the rewards. You and your client benefits.

How to earn with Biofiton:

  1. Familiarize yourself with our products. You should know what you are advertising and promoting – healthy 100% natural products that work!. You can find our supplements, with descriptions, ingredients and benefits, in our e-shop biofitonshop.eu.
  2. Register here. Fill out the form and accept the conditions. Read the contract carefully. Our priority is cooperation with Distributors who know both their rights and obligations.
  3. After we verify your data, you will receive access to your Distributor Account.
  4. Best is to purchase and experience that our product really help and work. If you do not have situation that requires our products, read about our supplements. In this way you will be sure you are promoting a solution that will help others. With greater certainty you will start your advertising and promotion campaign for Biofiton.
  5. You start your advertising and promotion campaign by downloading marketing materials, banners and affiliate links. You will receive professional analytical tools. You will know who purchased, what was purchased, when it was purchased and the volume of purchases by client. All thanks to the sales through your link.
  6. Place banners on instagram, website, facebook or send mailing.
  7. Wait or Promote for clients to make purchases using your link / banner. As much as 30% of their purchases is yours as a cashback!


General principles of cooperation (details in the regulations):

  • 30% of net sales made, through redirects from your link / banner, are credited to your account
  • Monthly cashback is made for amounts credited to your account monthly above PLN 150 (on gross sales above 540 zł)
  • The system remembers your clients and next time they order we will automatically calculate the amount payable to you. It does not matter if the client subsequently purchases using your link or in another way. The system remembers your client and that knows that 30% of the order value is yours! (passive income)
  • You must have registered trading activity, a company, Association or Foundation registered for VAT. At present we do not cooperate with individuals, but we plan to do so shortly.


Register immediately and start the adventure with Biofiton! Build your own group of recipients and be sure that you will receive your 30% on net purchases made. Biofiton offers a real, working solution – it gives you confidence that cooperation with us is an investment – clients will be convinced by our product quality will come back to top up your budget.


Your success lies in your hands, we give you only a tool!

“All people are entrepreneurs, not because they should set up a business, but because it’s encoded in our DNA.”