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Biofiton CryoPhytoTablets 2, return to the future – article from “Body Challenge” – July/August 2019

BIOFITON CryoPhytoTablets 2, return into the future  Author: Joe Smoczynski Fatigue Recovery, as important as training In our previous article we introduced the future of Dietary Supplements, Cryogenic grinding of […]

BIOFITON – 5th generation supplements – Body Challenge article june/july 2019

Author: Joe Smoczyński   Plants are our natural diet in the widest form of this word. The food pyramid confirms that Plants and its products are the major part of […]

PEI 2019 – Biofiton Silver Sponsor presentation – distributor cooperation

5th generation supplements Distribution cooperation “Prevention is better than treatment,  gives you first and help with other!” Joe Smoczyński — Grandmother     – Herbs are what our Grandmother […]

Cryo-technology – cryogrinding

Potential possibilities for using Cryoproducts, which open 100% of plant cells, are very large as each herb has a wide range of regenerating, cleansing and nourishing properties. This is due […]

How to became our Distributor

BECOME OUR DISTRIBUTOR AND EARN 30% NET SALES! 30% Cashback Are you wondering on how to earn money quickly and easily while maintaining your integrity and your good name? We […]


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