Plants are our natural diet in the widest form of this word. The food pyramid confirms that Plants and its products are the major part of our diet. Plants are very complex and each differs in vitamin, mineral, essential oil and active substance content. We choose what to eat to have a balanced diet. Where an element is lacking, we change our diet. Illness is often the result of an internal problem or is from an external source. It can often be remedied by diet changes and taking natural or chemical extracts or concentrates.


The 1st Generation is seasonal raw plants that are not always digestible. We therefore process food by storing, drying, cooking or fermenting. Natural foods can form a complete diet with minimal processing. We obtain nourishment by chewing, adding saliva and digesting for the stomach and intestines to extract the nutrients for absorption. Minimal processing ensures maximum goodness retention.

The 2nd Generation is dried plant leaves, roots, stems and fruits, prepared as tea or tinctures. Plant health benefits were recognised early on and the first extraction method was washing out nutrients using water or alcohol. The nutrient extraction suspended in water or alcohol is then absorbed by the stomach.

The 3rd Generation are extracts in tablet form from water, ethanol and liquid gas (CO2) soluble plant nutrients. As extraction technology advanced and chemical ingredients were added, medicinal remedies improved. Ingredients became less stomach friendly, leading to hard tablets for intestine extraction. Fillers were added to prevent machine blockage.

The 4th Generation are capsules (of all types) which eliminate some or all fillers and allow improved dissolvability timing to avoid the stomach. Capsules tend to be large with a loose content. You need 2 capsules to have the same hard tablet ingredient weight. (I have ignored other medical developments including injections and intravenous drips).

Plant extraction processes are not efficient nor complete. Cell content is complex, so to efficiently absorb an active substance the body also needs the vitamins and minerals. External extraction processes do not give 100% Bioavailability. Extracted nutrients are those soluble in the medium used. What is not soluble in either water, ethanol or liquid gas cannot be extracted.

An example is that plants have Chlorophyll, it is their blood. Chlorophyll is made from the sun and we need it together with vitamins and minerals for healthy blood – our nutrient delivery system. Most extracts include some Chlorophyll and some of the vitamins and minerals, but not all. This is because external extraction methods are not 100% efficient, they do not give 100% Bioavailability.

The most efficient plant nutrition extractor is the stomach. All it needs is open plant cells. The stomach receives open plant cells when we chew our food, add saliva and then send it to the stomach by swallowing. The stomach juices then do the extraction and absorption. The stomach enjoys receiving the nutrient complex from the open cells. It extracts what the body needs and absorbs it.

If the stomach is such a good extractor, why are we using less efficient methods? The answer is that we need a more efficient delivery system. Chewing and digesting food is less efficient than medical and technical advances. Our task was to find an efficient plant cell opening method without destroying cell content – that is the 5th Generation.


At the beginning of the 20th century, Cryogenics was developed by applying liquefying gases. In the 1950’s Cryogenic technology was used to freeze bull semen using carbon Dioxide CO2 at -79Oc. It was found that semen could not be stored for a long time due biological changes. When liquid nitrogen was introduced it was found that sperm survival at -196OC was virtually infinite. (History of artificial insemination: Selected notes and notables R. H. Foote Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-4801). This advance led to Cryopreservation in the In Vitro process. Cryogenic technology is critical in today’s medical field to preserve human and animal tissue.


Concurrently Cryogenic grinding was applied to mill hard substances by vibration. This led plant Cryogenic grinding:
Abstract “The fundamental principle of cryogenic grinding for Chinese herbal medicine is similar to that of grinding methods for conventional materials, but the compositions are very complex, containing aromatics of high volatility, oils and fats, which are easily oxidized. Using liquid nitrogen or liquid air as the cryogen, all of these thermosensitive Chinese herbal medicines can be ground below their brittle temperature. The colour and other properties of the products of cryo-grinding will not be changed and the flavour and nutrition of the medicines will not be lost”. Science Direct Cryogenics Vol 31, issue 2, Feb 1991,Pg 136-137 Cryogenic grinding technology for traditional Chinese herbal medicine.


Today Cryogenic common spices are ground to 2-400µm (microns) such as pepper and cinnamon. Quality is not vital as long as the taste and smell is preserved. Cryogenic grinding is also used in Dietary Supplements for hard substances. As the result is a fine flour, it is difficult to process without adding a filler before capsuling.

At Biofiton we looked at Cryogenic technology and concluded that this may be the answer to deliver 100% open cells to the stomach. However we had to solve the technical problems, including leaving cell content intact. Our goal was to develop Cryogenic technology to give 100% Bioavailability and Bioactivity to the stomach. The main areas to solve were:
• Dried Plants behave differently when processed due to fibre, elasticity, oil, etc.;
• The Fine Flour clogs machines;
Vitamins and minerals are volatile; especially if heated;
• Deterioration due to oxidisation;
• Maintaining process quality from start to finish and ensuring maximum shelf life;
• No natural or chemical extracts or chemical flavours, conservatives and binders.


Biofiton’s 5th Generation products, after years of research, exceeded expectations:
• 100% natural, vegan;
• 100% cells opened;
• 97% Plant material, and 3% natural ingredient extracts for processing and binding;
• Virtually 100% stomach bioavailability;
• Virtually 100% stomach bioactive balanced complex;
• Are not a concentrate, but act as one;
• Have antiaging and antioxidant properties, giving longevity;
• Have a long shelf life (heretically sealed) without added conservatives;
• Have no fillers nor added flavours or colours,
• Solar Energised Chlorophyll, vitamin and mineral complex, vital for healthy blood (our nutrient delivery system);


All Biofiton 5th Generation products are for maintaining daily health, or with increased dosage can alleviate health problems. Medical supervision is always recommended. In the next articles we shall take a look at some of Biofiton’s products which will be shortly available.

Joe Smoczyński