BIOFITON CryoPhytoTablets 2, return into the future

Fatigue Recovery, as important as training

In our previous article we introduced the future of Dietary Supplements, Cryogenic grinding of Plant Material. This 5th Generation technology gives 100% Bioavailability allowing 100% Bioactivity through stomach and intestine extraction and absorption. This unique 5th Generation technology takes well tried and tested traditional remedies (ancient medicines) into the future by performing as concentrates. This article presents that, training and after training recovery have equal importance. Our Biofiton products assist in Training and Recovery:

  • Medical development over the past century saves lives. Our Dietary Supplements complement these remedies;
  • Our Dietary Supplement nutrients, with a balanced diet, are absorbed efficiently and act as a concentrate;
  • Our Dietary Supplements, with an Intensive Sport Diet, assist the Training and Recovery process.


Athletes train to their limits of physical and neuro-emotional abilities. Trainers knows how to plan training and nutrition regimes. They have a broad knowledge of: physiology, medicine, biology, diet and supplements. Physical improvement results from optimal training exertion and recovery, combined with proper nutrition.

Recovery in sport is just as important as training. It is impossible to achieve results only by increasing training volume and intensity. The faster the body recovers, the more effective the athlete’s intensive training is without compromising health. The body has the ability to adapt to changing conditions. Recovery can be accelerated both naturally, by rationalizing workout routines and by using aids that stimulate these processes. Recovery remedies are based on the combination of:

  • specific effect aimed at rapid fatigue elimination caused by intensive training, and
  • using recovery agents (Supplements) to effect the protective and adaptive properties of our organism.


Adaptive capability of our organism is limited, it not always and not fully able, to adapt to certain environmental conditions, including physical exertion. Numerous morphological, biochemical, and physiological studies indicate that high physical activity contributes to significant changes in the blood, body tissues and organs. With intense physical exertion, many athletes register a breakdown of adaptive mechanisms. As a result, pre-pathological and pathological conditions develop, during irrational physical activity leading to:

  1. Fatigue, a temporary decrease in performance (functional activity), resulting from Intense muscular activity and emotional stress. Fatigue development has two phases:
  • compensation or latent fatigue, is observed as vegetative stress and lack of energy (does not affect health);
  • decompensation or apparent insuperable fatigue, where the athlete cannot continue training. The body is experiencing marked physiological and biological changes.

Biological fatigue is a protective physiological mechanism. It is a warning signal providing central nervous system protection to the entire body. Fatigue is important for improving body development, increasing its functionality. With repeated fatigue there are associated adaptation shifts in the activities of various systems. The body mobilizes its reserve capabilities and by super compensation, increases fatigue level tolerance.

  1. Overwork, longer than usual persistence of fatigue after exertion as deterioration of: health, sleep, and unstable moods. Performance remains without a significant decrease, but there are noticeable difficulties leading to: power indicator reductions, coordination deterioration and longer recovery periods.


  1. Overtraining, a pathological overstress condition seen as changes in the:
  • central nervous system;
  • endocrine sphere (mainly adrenal cortex and pituitary);
  • various organs and systems functions.


  1. Chronic physical stress, organ and body system dysfunctions due to intensive training overload. It is incompatibility (mismatch) of body capabilities to provoked strength requirement. The ratio of physical to mental exertion is also important, as combined adverse effects can occur at relatively small values. The forms are:
  • acute physical overstrain, a condition that develops during or immediately after a single exertion that is extraordinary for the body functional state, leading to function impairment;
  • chronic physical overstrain, occurs when exertion exceeds the functional level and impairs regulatory function of the central nervous system. It is due to inadequate recovery processes;
  • chronic physical overstrain, is possible during, or immediately after, training or competitive exertions and has features of the above.


Physical exertion and recovery are the two elements in improving physical performance. Improving recovery rate is an indicator of fitness growth in an athlete. The speed of recovery increases by optimizing training and rest with the help of auxiliary recovery means. Two main recovery areas are:

  • increase in the speed of recovery after training and competitive exertions;
  • recovery acceleration after illness and injury (rehabilitation measures).


The rational use of various restorative means allows training efficiency to increase. In some preparation periods it is advised to train in a state of incomplete recovery, stimulating positive adaptive adjustments in the body.

Our organism is a self-restoring system, however, reserves and time needed for recovery are not always enough. We distinguish between 3 types of recovery: during training, after training and long term. We need positive action during recovery to quickly eliminate the feeling of fatigue caused by structural and functional changes in the body. Restoring performance is achieved by increasing all reactive components and removing general and local fatigue (including resistance to various adverse environmental factors and stressful situations). Our basis for achieving Training and Recovery efficiency is in using Biofiton Dietary Supplements.

The main purpose of Biofiton Dietary Supplements in sports is to increase performance by short and long term adaptation to physical exertion and speeding up recovery processes. These tasks are solved using 100% natural Biofiton Dietary Supplements giving multidirectional or holistic final results.

Biofiton Dietary Supplements are versatile and can be used, pre, during and post training. They complement intensive training workouts and complement the recovery process.

Deep freezing Plant Material in liquid nitrogen, suspends oxidative enzymes action and prevents oxidation, aggregation and caramelization. Research shows, the concentration of biologically active substances, in particular vitamins, increases tenfold with cryogrinding due to destroying their bonds with protein molecules (transition from bound to free state). For example, vitamin C yield is increased 2–6 times, carotid 3–10 times, thiamine 6–11 times, tocopherols 10–11 times. Free amino acid yield is increased by 30–60%. (In contrast, synthetic vitamins are absorbed by our body by only 0.2). By applying CryoTechnology, thin ultrafine powder with a large surface area is obtained, influencing the body’s biochemical reaction rate. Fiber micro-structuring occurs, giving products the properties of effective enter-sorbents. Our products deliver these open cell contents to the stomach for extraction and absorption.

In preparation for Training, Biofiton Muscle Power and Biofiton Energy Booster are ideal. Muscle Power improves Intensive Diet absorption allowing faster and better muscle gain. Energy Booster, based on pollen and licorice, gives energy without side effects.

To enhance Recovery the body organs need cleansing to perform their tasks. Here Biofiton’s Stomach (Digestive System) Recovery, Kidney Recovery, Liver Recovery and Joint Mobility are ideal. These natural products are used whenever we have discomfort or weaknesses related to Digestion, Kidneys, Liver or Joints.

Biofiton’s Sport Body assists in fat conversion and water elimination especially in water retention diets requiring regular Recovery breaks.

Recovery importance cannot be overstressed. Biofiton assists Recovery at all physical and stress levels. When taken as part of the Training and Recovery regime, workouts maybe lengthened and recovery periods shortened. From the next article we will take each product in turn.