Biofiton Sport Nutrition unique products designed especially for Sportsmen and Sportswomen aspiring to high results either by:
• not using any synthetic supplements; or
• wishing to enhance the effect of taking intensive sports dietary products and have assistance in the detox, cleansing and regeneration process.

Biofiton 100% Natural Additive to your existing sport diet, prevents and resolves disorders due to intensive workouts and preparation for competition:
MUSCLE POWER, ENERGY BOOSTER – naturally enhances the benefits of an intensive diet, improves oxygenation and absorption, giving extra strength, power, stamina and concentration;
LIVER, KIDNEY, STOMACH – PREVENTION, DETOX & RECOVERY – eliminates synthetic additives and antibiotics, shortens rest periods or used during competitions preparation;
JOINT MOBILITY – naturally eliminates joint salts and assists in cartilage recovery;
SPORT BODY – breaks down fatty tissue, assists in fluid reduction, improves metabolism. Ideal for pre competition preparation.

Biofiton’s Unique Method for preparing herbs using temperature controlled CryoGrinding, opens 100% of plant cells allowing Stomach Extraction and the goodness to be absorbed by the body, with virtually no loss in Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils and Active Substances. Due to Biofiton’s unique manufacturing method, vitamins and minerals contained in their composition are «read» by all body cells.

Biofiton Unique 5th Generation CryoTablet Health Supplements gives 100% Pure Herbal Power to assist you in your Intensive Workouts. Healthy sport without chemicals and synthetics is a modern necessity. All Biofiton PhytoProducts are 100% natural and intensive. Two 5th Generation PhytoTablets are equivalent to at least 10 mugs of herbal tea, but without virtually any Plant Cell goodness loss. Biofiton PhytoProducts may be applied continuously, without interruption. Biofiton PhytoProducts are not addictive and do not accumulate in the body.

Biofiton is a natural complex of essential substances (macronutrients and micronutrients), which are not synthesized by the body itself, and comes from the outside. Biofiton PhytoSport PhytoProducts fill the nutrient shortage that are essential for successful and healthy sport, and are the excellent addition to the diet.

Biofiton PhytoProducts all contain potent natural antioxidants – polyphenols, tocopherols, tannins, anthocyanins and other. All Biofiton PhytoSport series products protect organs and tissues (including muscle) from the damaging effects of aggressive radicals.

Biofiton PhytoProducts are not only the basis of a healthy diet, but prevent various diseases and ailments associated with a sport lifestyle including competition preparation!

Biofiton PhytoSport – your healthy sport success formula!