We have returned from two main tradeshows in Europe, in Geneva and London. In each there were over 1,000 stands with health products from all over the world. Included were all the famous brand names, many product innovations and company start-ups with new technology.

The trend was towards natural products, this is the future. Over the last 50 years (30 in Poland) convenience products (including for sports) in the world gradually took the major space on supermarket shelves. Extending shelf life with conservatives became important, vitamin and mineral fortifications were added where they were lost in the manufacturing process and colour and taste enhancers were included to boost customer satisfaction. Also harvest yields improved using chemical fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides. Today we understand that the convenience revolution and polluted environment lifestyle has made us more prone to allergies, deficiencies, impotency and mental illness. City life (air and noise pollution), stress, lack of exercise and the vivid electronic lifestyle, have contributed to these health problems.

On the other hand improvements in chemical and plant extraction processes have provided lifesaving medicines. Together with better hygiene conditions, medicines today increase the number years we live. With better hospital treatment, patient recovery is faster with a reduced chance of physical disabilities. Therefore what we do today has an important influence on the quality of life tomorrow. Preventive medicine is becoming increasingly important. Strengthening our body weaknesses has become a serious science. Faster recovery from illness is now possible with improved diets and supplements. Products that give longevity and are antiaging and antioxidant are important factors for making sales.

Our natural products are excellent in giving what is lacking in your diets. They help to Detox our bodies from highly commercial farming methods and food processes. They also counteract the negatives inherent in intensive sports. Most plants contain benefits to our health. The only problem is bioavailability. Factory plant extraction processes do not take all the goodness out of the plant. Our process is simple, we open every plant cell for you to do the extraction using your efficient stomach.

Many stands at the exhibitions had innovations which were refinements of traditional extraction processes. However no one had the technology we developed. One thing was for certain, no one uses CryoGrinding technology, freezing and grinding plants at -196C to obtain 100% open cells (particles of less than 25 micron). The smallest plant cell has 30µ resulting that 100% of the cells are opened. The low temperature grinding also ensures that 100% of the cell content is bioavailable with virtually no loss of vitamins, mineral , essential oils and active substances. No claimed to open 100% of the plant cells with virtually no content loss.

For sports, opening all plant cells is a revolution or new generation in Dietary Supplements. Like no other, our new technology allows 100% of the content to be available for stomach extraction and absorption. Our products act as a concentrate because of 100% Bioavailability.

With an intensive regular competitive sport diet, the body is under strain which effects the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines. Our unique Detox products assist in the proper functioning of these organs. An example is Stomach Recovery, which allows your stomach to function better, improving digestion and reducing discomfort.

Another product is Energy Booster. It adds natural energy and concentration when needed. Energy Booster is not only good for pre and during training, it is also excellent for post training, giving energy that counter’s exhaustion. Energy Booster is 100% natural allowing you to reduce the intake of other stimulants. Energy Booster does not strain your liver, kidneys, stomach and heart. In fact it is friendly towards your organs

Recently we improved the Energy Booster formula, giving more energy and concentration. The energy comes from flower pollen and plant roots. It is balanced by the other ingredients to benefit your heart and stomach. With natural energy the heart beats without the stress associated with other energy enhancers.

The world trend to graduate towards a more healthy lifestyle. This includes balancing your diet with natural ingredients that we include in our supplements. Therefore for a healthy modern lifestyle our Biofiton products are ideal.