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BIOFITON – 5th generation supplements – Body Challenge article june/july 2019

Plants are our natural diet in the widest form of this word. The food pyramid confirms that Plants and its products are the major part of our diet. Plants are […]

PEI 2019 – Biofiton Silver Sponsor presentation – distributor cooperation

5th generation supplements Distribution cooperation “Prevention is better than treatment,  gives you first and help with other!” Joe Smoczyński — Grandmother     – Herbs are what our Grandmother […]

Cryo-technology – cryogrinding

Potential possibilities for using Cryoproducts, which open 100% of plant cells, are very large as each herb has a wide range of regenerating, cleansing and nourishing properties. This is due […]

How to became our Distributor

BECOME OUR DISTRIBUTOR AND EARN 30% NET SALES! 30% Cashback Are you wondering on how to earn money quickly and easily while maintaining your integrity and your good name? We […]

ESP Sport Tradeshow – a BIOFITON experience

We presented our unique PhytoProducts at the ESP February 2019 tradeshow in Gdansk. The event is worth telling from our perspective. Many of the big supplement firms were there, easy […]

BIOFITON – relation from the Tradeshows in Geneve & London

We have returned from two main tradeshows in Europe, in Geneva and London. In each there were over 1,000 stands with health products from all over the world. Included were […]