Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants leaves and in other plant parts. It is to the plant, its life and growth process through photosynthesis. Transformation of sunlight into energy is responsible for life on our Planet.

In 1931 Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner for physiology and medicine, established that oxygen deprivation was a major cause of cell mutation. Increasing our intake of chlorophyll rich foods or taking chlorophyll by way of supplementation increases oxygen uptake by the cells of our bodies.

A hundred years ago chlorophyll was used for pain relief, treating ulcers and skin disorders and as a breath freshener. As drugs and chemical antiseptics were developed their use began to replace plant and vegetable chlorophyll. Lately the introduction of green super foods, based on algae etc., has led to renewed interest in chlorophyll.

Green leaves take in Carbon Dioxide from the air, water and minerals via the roots and with sunlight produce Oxygen (lungs of our planet) expelling it into the air. We breath in Oxygen through our lungs into our bloodstream. The blood feeds our cells with Oxygen and removes the Carbon Dioxide which we expel by breathing out.

Secondly we eat these Chlorophyll rich leaves extracting the goodness in our stomachs, then adsorbing some via the intestines, converting it into what we need in the liver, from where our Blood carries the nutrients to our cells. What is not: stomach extracted, intestine absorbed the, or liver processed, is rejected from our bodies into the soil. Chlorophyll keeps the digestive tract healthy ensuring its contents move smoothly through it.

Circulating blood collects the waste which is filtered out by the kidneys. Our product Kidney Recovery is ideal here for healthy kidneys and prevent intensive diet stone formation. What is rejected is converted into minerals by the soil, absorbed through the roots and is taken up by the plants.

The third cycle, water, is also dependent on the sun for its circulation and filtration through the plant. Water falls to the ground is taken up via the plant roots and together with the nutrients is taken to the leaves through vessels via capillary action using transpiration. We also need plenty of water daily for the flow of life within us.

These are continuous life cycles making us dependent on plants and oxygen. At my primary school over 50 years ago, the Dinner Ladies used to say “eat your greens” -tasteless green cabbage L. Grandmothers and Dinner Ladies knew the value of “greens” for countless generations. Science over the last 100 years has studied Chlorophyll and concluded by comparative analysis that our grandmothers knew what they were talking about. Fresh “greens”, rich in Chlorophyll and iron, are essential for maintaining healthy blood.

Chlorophyll offers nutritional and healing benefits to us. The best source of plant Chlorophyll are not the old bottom leaves, nor the top new sprouts, but the ones in the middle. These green leaves not only are rich in Chlorophyll, but often also in Iron, vitamin C and other life essential vitamins and minerals. The bottom leaves fall and decay, only to be reabsorbed by plants as growth minerals.


These delicate life science systems are essential for sport performance. Within this Chlorophyll plays a vital role ensuring healthy blood that is needed to carry nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, especially during training and competitions. No matter how good our diet is, it is the carrier that needs to be healthy to deliver the goodness.

To date we mainly obtain Chlorophyll by chewing our “green” food well and letting the stomach do the extraction. There are also extraction methods based on initial heat drying or freeze drying (to extract the water), milling, then washing out the content using Ethanol, Diethyl ether and CO2 (liquid and non-liquid) and when evaporated leaving a green powder with added preservatives. The quality of the end product in our stomachs depends on (a) how well we chew when eating or (b) the supplement quality controls during the external extraction process. Neither of these 2 methods is ideal.

When green plants are dried, Chlorophyll is preserved, but over time degrades. Herbal tea age can be calculated by chlorophyll level changes. Maximum Chlorophyll levels are preserved when the extraction process is carried out soon after drying. Quality herbal teas are manufactured in a low humidity environment and immediately foiled packed.

We developed dried plant Cryomilling Technology to open 100% of the cells, giving 100% Bioavailability without destroying the goodness within for 100% Bioactivity. It took many years of research to achieve this goal as all known techniques and technologies did not give the desired results. Biofiton Phytotablets have 100% Bioavailability allowing maximum stomach extraction for absorption by the intestines, processing by the liver and cleansing by the kidneys.

Chlorophyll is most often taken up from eating fresh green plants and vegetables. We optimise our intake by chewing well, after choosing quality and varied minimally processed products. The complete leaf has other active substances, vitamins and minerals that work with the Chlorophyll, such as iron, to assist in maximising circulation benefits. Chewing well and stomach digestion is not an efficient process, but it is the best we have to maintain health. Here quality counts, not quantity. The liver processes the friendly complex that has been absorbed by the intestines. Biofiton’s Stomach Recovery and Liver Recovery assists the organs to be healthy and process the goodness for blood delivery.

Chlorophyll is fat and not water soluble and cannot be efficiently extracted by drinking herbal teas. Extraction medium most often used is Ethanol (or similar) and Liquid Carbon Dioxide. Extracts, by their very nature, are not complex or complete products that gives everything what is required for effective absorption and liver processing. Here quantity compensates for quality. The liver’s task is converting the concentrate into beneficial nutrients, often leading it to be overloaded and overworked. Biofiton Liver Recovery is ideal for regaining liver functionality and health.

How is Chlorophyll related to blood? There appears to be a close relationship between Chlorophyll and Haemoglobin, the pigment that gives our blood its red colour and its oxygen carrying capability. Both Chlorophyll and Haemoglobin have virtually an identical basic molecular structure, one having a magnesium atom and the other iron.


  • Plants have both A & B. They are similar differing at the third carbon:
    1. The primary pigment of photosynthesis, absorbs violet-blue and orange-red light, colour blueish green;
    2. Accessory pigment of photosynthesis, absorbs blue light, colour olive green;
  • Is the “blood” of plants and has blood-building properties for our red blood cells. It is clean, not polluted, since it is manufactured inside the plant or vegetable;
  • Is nature’s Green Magic has oxygenating properties which improve energy levels and optimise brain and body functions. A source of enzymes to increase blood oxygen levels, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly and naturally;
  • Purifies by aiding detoxification of the body. Oxygen rich and healthy blood flow removes harmful impurities and toxins, strengthening our immune system while alkalising the body and balancing our pH levels. As blood passes through the liver, chlorophyll promotes cleansing and detoxification by its action on its detoxification enzymes;
  • Stimulate the regeneration of damaged liver cells;
  • Increase circulation to all organs of our body by dilating blood vessels. Helps in nerve impulse transmission that control heart contractions. Heart rate is slowed but its contraction strength increased, improving heart efficiency;
  • Excellent colon conditioner for inflammatory bowel disorders. Has powerful antimicrobial properties to reduce the numbers of pathogenic micro-organisms including yeasts living in the gut;
  • Good source of fibre content alkalising the body which aids in digestion, detoxification and waste management;
  • Antioxidant properties help to neutralise oxidative (high intensity training) stress and free radicals, aiding recovery.
  • Works like a deep cleaning agent in the body. It is often used as a natural deodorizer externally and internally;
  • Protects plants against sun’s ultraviolet damage, making it a source of antioxidants, essential vitamins and nutrients;


A healthy life style, especially highly active sports, require a natural quality diet including “greens”. However this may not be sufficient and then supplements are needed. Supplements come in two main forms, those that:

  • Supply what cannot be obtained naturally or to the levels required for our activity level, and
  • Are needed for the healthy: Stomach extraction, intestines absorption, gut functioning, liver processing , red blood cell goodness delivery, red blood cell waste collection and kidney waste processing. Biofiton products are ideal.


Biofiton opens 100% of the cells, exposing the available Chlorophyll for stomach extraction, intestines absorption, liver processing and blood delivery.