Potential possibilities for using Cryoproducts, which open 100% of plant cells, are very large as each herb has a wide range of regenerating, cleansing and nourishing properties. This is due to the biologically active substances contained in them. However, the most frequently used remedies are not perfect and have a number of disadvantages and shortcomings. That is why our company goal is to obtain from the plant cell the maximum amount of biologically active substances that increases the bioavailability of the final product for the human body. We have achieved success thanks to innovative cryogenic processing technology.

The cryogenic processing (or cryogrinding) technology has fundamentally changed the attitudes of physicians and pharmacists to herbal supplements and their effectiveness. It has driven a new trail in phyto-production setting a new of increased quality.
The cryogenic processing technology consists of using liquid nitrogen to freeze raw materials and processing them in a special mill for cryogenic particles with a size of ˂25 microns. The smallest plant cells are 30 microns. As a result of the above process, we manage to open all the cells in the plant.

The cryogenic grinding technology preserves and activates the maximum number of biologically active substances and virtually eliminates any loss! Freezing in liquid nitrogen stops the influence of oxidative fermentation, prevents oxidation and caramelization of raw materials, resulting in maximum protection of all nutrients.

As a result of cryogenic processing, we have a fine flour which has the maximum surface area of open cells influencing the rate of biochemical reactions in the human body. In addition, the micro structuring of fibre takes place during the process, thanks to which our products have absorption properties.

The concentration of biologically active substances, in particular vitamins and phenolic compounds, increases tenfold due to the communication with protein molecules and the transition from the combined to the free form.

The result of long-lasting work and unique technology is a series of Biofiton supplements. These are phytopreparations obtained from centuries of knowledge of the healing power of plants combined with future innovative technologies. These supplements have tremendous efficiency and at the same time have no toxic effect on the body.
Organic preparations of the “Biofiton” series affect three areas responsible for health and vitality: purification, nutrition and regeneration of the organism and human systems at the cellular level.

A series of “Biofiton” phytopreparations is a new stage in the development of organic medicine. At the moment, we offer 14 supplements for athletes and family. These are products that give measurable benefits and real effects on the body.

Regular and correct use of the “Biofiton” dietary supplements gives the best results in health protection, regeneration of the body and prolonging human life. “Biofiton” is health and longevity!

Biofiton – unique natural production!