Dietary supplements are concentrates of natural or identical to natural biologically active substances, which are intended for direct use and / or for placing in the composition of food products. They are obtained from plant, animal or mineral raw materials, as well as chemical methods.

Dietary supplements will not replace lunch or dinner, they “work” in the third important area – body metabolism and regulation of chemical reactions.

Dietary supplements are active molecules – bioregulators of biochemical processes, synthesis of structures, cell regeneration, energy acquisition, removal of end products of metabolism. They bind, combine biosynthesis and metabolism, regulate their speed and efficiency.

Dietary supplements replenish the deficiencies of natural regulators – “conductors” of biochemical processes or completely replace them in the event of an unbalanced diet. They contain mostly concentrated nutrients and this is what makes them attractive, active, natural and safe.

Food bioregulators include: vitamins, macro- and microelements, single amino acids, PUFA – polyunsaturated fatty acids, molecules from which hormones, neuropeptides, active immune system particles, and enzymes are synthesized in the body.

The main and most important function of dietary supplements is the active regulation of metabolism in the human body, metabolism in individual organs, tissues and cells. They contribute to maintaining the stability of the body’s internal environment (homeostasis) and ultimately allow the preservation and maintenance of the state of the body, which we call health.

Individual mono- or polycomponents of dietary supplements – they are not drugs and they are certainly not a panacea, but natural particles – components of a human diet that have the physiological ability to regulate given biochemical reactions. Therefore, when used correctly, they immediately build physiologically into the metabolism (metabolism) without any problem, taking their place there, designated by nature.

Dietary supplements can be an active part of therapeutic and preventive complexes used to regulate metabolism:
• Central nervous system – brain;
• respiratory system;
• Digestive system, liver and pancreas;
• endocrine system;
• Bones, cartilage, joints;
• Natural protective barriers – skin, mucous membranes;
• Olfactory, taste and visual analyzers.

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