Symptoms and risks of rectal disease risk
Severe pain, itching, moisture, dark blood, mucus or hard secretion – this is an incomplete list of symptoms of these diseases.
Risk factors for the development of fissures are held and hemorrhoids are sedentary lifestyle, spicy food, constipation, overweight, too much physical exercise, anal sex as well as pregnancy. In women in the small circulatory system are greater, that they can cause participation in hemorrhoids, childbirth itself, and can cause the appearance of a fissure taking place, which is limited by the rectal diseases in terms of frequency of use.

Hemorrhoids – Disease development
Hemorrhoids is a medical condition that is often preceded by a herald of the disease. Appear unpleasant sensations in the connections of the channel parts take place, light itching, difficulty passing feces. This stage lasts from several months to several years. Then gather when you pass faeces of bleeding of varying intensity – from traces of blood in the stool to heavy bleeding. Available bleeding is a common ailment of key hemorrhoidal nodules.