Phytotablet (L. Tablet Phyto) – a solid form of an organic food supplement intended for oral use. It releases active substances in the stomach, which extracts and distributes the necessary ingredients in the body. A further part of the absorption process occurs in the intestines.

5th generation tablet, created by compression of 97% of organic material and 3% of fillers. It is a new generation in the body’s supplementation:

1st    Fresh herbs picked and eaten as a salad. The stomach extracts and absorbs the natural goodness ;

2nd   Dried ground herbs drank as a tea or sprinkled on food. The stomach extracts and absorbs the natural goodness;

3rd   Tablets made from herbs, extracts and chemicals, including significant amounts of fillers and binders. Depending on the tablet hardness, they either dissolve in the stomach (soft tablets) or in the intestines (hard tablets);

4th   Capsules, mainly filled with extracts and chemicals. The capsule outer skin is usually designed to dissolve in the intestines to avoid stomach damage;

5th   PhytoTablets are 100% natural using 3% natural plant binders and 97% CryoGround herbs, opening 100% of the cells, allowing the stomach to extract and absorb their content effectively.

Phytotablet was developed at AIM Research and Production Pharmaceutical Company in Kharkiv on behalf of Biofiton.
Fitotablets are currently the most efficient carrier of nutrients and regenerating substances on the market, while maintaining 100% naturalness of the final product. They are a unique combination of Life Science technology – cryogenic grinding, known for centuries of traditional medicine and several other latent patents.

Biofiton supplements on the European market are available in the form of phytotablets. The standard dose for an adult person is 2 pieces with each dosing.