Red clover (Trifolium pratense, eng. Red clover, fr. trefle commun, ger. Rotklee, it. trifoglio) – a species of plant from the family fabaceae.

Clover in folk medicine was once a medicinal plant. Herba herb and inflorescences, Flos Trifolii pratensis, contain glycosides and flavonoids. It was used as a diuretic and expectorant.

Red clover contains isoflavones with phytoesthoid activity. About 30 such isoflavones were isolated there. It also contains phytosterols, phenolic acids, tannins, glycosides, tannins, and vitamins B, C, D. It is a rich source of mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, cobalt, zinc, molybdenum. , copper, manganese and silicon.

Raised or raised up to 50 cm long. She is hairy and often red in color.
3-leaf, ovoid or elliptic, whole leaves, mostly mottled. At the base of the leaves there are hairy and crust-like, membranous bracts, often fused with a petiole.
Butterfly, light magenta, fragrant, in spherical or ovate heads, usually 2 on one stalk. A hair ring is present in the 10-nerve and hairy tube tube.
Small, containing only one seed pod.
It has a pile root reaching up to 1.5 m deep. In the surface layer of soil it forms numerous and long branches.

Clover meadow occurs throughout Europe, in Central Asia and North Africa. It has been naturalized and is also cultivated in Australia and both Americas.

Perennial. It blooms from May to September. Cross-pollination is necessary for the fruit to form. It can only be made with long-mouth insects, mainly bumblebees. A honey plant. Other insects, unable to get into the nectar through the crown of the crown and a long tube of it, often bite the hole on the side of the crown and drink the nectar without dusting. After the fading, the world sucks. The number of chromosomes 2n = 14.