Senna is a component of the Biofiton Sport Body supplement.
Thanks to the unique cryogenic grinding technology (Cryo Grinding) up to 100% of the cells are opened, increasing the efficiency and power of herbs several times.

Senna (Cassia senna, fr. Senna, ger. Senna, sp. sen).

Sennosides are converted in the colon to rhein, a stimulant and irritant laxative. The flavonoids are thought to prevent griping.
Dried leaves or dried pods are traditionally used as a purgative medicine to treat acute constipation. Tea is made from 1g or 2g. It is the most popular of natural laxatives and an ingredient of many commercial preparations.

Dianthrone glucosides (3%): mainly sennoside A and sennoside B; also flavonoids

Northeastern Africa and the Middle east. Commercial sources are Egypt and Sudan (Alexandrian or Khartoum senna, use 1g.) or India and Malaysia (Tinnevelly senna: use 2 g).

Shrub (to 2m); leaves pinnate, with narrow leaflets,; flowers yellow, stamen straight,; fruit a flat, broad, many0seeded pod.