The herb of the Trifid bur marigold is a component of the Biofiton Healthy Kidneys, Healthy Liver, Kidney Recovery, Liver Recovery, Joint Mobility and Healthy Joints supplements.

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Trifid bur Marigold (Bidens tripartita L., fr. bident à trois, ger. Dreiblattzweizahn, it. canapina acquatica, sp. cañamo acuatico ) – plant species belonging to the Asteraceae family.

The herb of the three-leaf hitch is used after diseases, for the purpose of faster release of harmful substances created in organizations during treatment with antibiotics or other synthetic drugs. Infusions with herbal tract can be used to treat acne, inflammation of the skin and boils, as well as herbal cleansing activities are desirable in the profiles and prevention of psoriasis. The use of herb improves the functioning of the liver and adrenal glands, accelerates metabolism, increases the body’s immunity. The three-lobe horticultural herb is very often used in baths for inflammation of lymph nodes (also against the background of tuberculosis).

The herb of the three-leaf hitch contains flavonoids, essential oil, mucilage, tannins, bitter substances, minerals, chemical acids, vitamin C, carotene.

Raised, 15-90 cm high (covered up to 120 cm), dark green or red purple. It is strongly branched.
Opposite foliage, 3-5-secant leaves, middle segment larger. Leaf-shaped petioles, flanked, short, thickly serrated, with straight cloves.
Gathered in erected or pendulous, yellow-brown baskets consisting of tubular flowers, no tufted flowers. A cup of flowers transformed in 2-4 bones with burrs.
Vice-egg-shaped, flat achele equipped with 2-4 rigid burrs. It has a length of 6-8 mm.

Trifid bur Marigold occurs in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America.

Trifid bur Marigold is an annual plant. Habitat: marshes, water banks, wet meadows. Hemicaliptophyte, a nitrogen-loving plant. In crops, the cost is a weed. In the classification of plant communities, the species characteristic of Cl. Bidentetea tripartiti. Blooms from July to October. The fruits attach to the hair of animals, feathers of birds or clothes of people and thus spread out (zoochoria, anthropochoria). The number of chromosomes 2n = 48