5th generation supplements

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“Prevention is better than treatment, 
Biofiton - Logogives you first and help with other!”

Joe Smoczyński


    Herbs are what our Grandmother gave us

     – Some says they are too weak for the intensive sports world

     – Herbal treatment traditionally takes time

I agree that dried herbs are not powerful, this is not what we offering! We are offering something else





Our diet – from plants

      – Much of our diet originates from plants

      – Your regular meals contain a large portion of plants

      – This includes, fruit, vegetables, cereal, legumes

      – Plants are essential to your diet.





We take dry plant mixtures and do something original with them.

We freeze dried plants mixtures and at -196C and open cells 100%.




Your grandma managed 10% with her herbal tea.

Technology made my grandma 10 times better that your grandma.
















Look at difference.

Up – your grandmas best quality – 10% opened cells. You see the outside

Down – the same plant, but 100% opened sells. You see what is the inside









They dissolve in the stomach.

We offer only 100% open plant cells.

We give convenient way for opened cells to reach the stomach.

PhytoTablets are dissolved in your stomach.



Stomach juices

Stomach juices extract what the body needs, absorbing the vitamins, minerals, essential oils and active substances.







Wait a few years

Today you may think you do not need our products. But wait a few years and blame yourselves.
As 100% of the cells are open our products have the following properties: antioxigant, longevity, antiaging, maintain active live.

Your life style

– We do not say change your diet or habits.
– We say that Biofiton products assist in your chosen lifestyle..
– They help you in the diet you have chosen.
– Naturally unhealthy diets cannot be recommended.





– Want to have joints problems later, obviously not.
– Then take our Joint Mobility now.
It will help you to recover during and after training.

Joint Mobility can prevent irreversible damage.





Which future would you prefer? Take now our Joint Mobility!

Want to sit on the toilet or do you wish to enjoy the outside world


Liver Recovery

Kidney Recovery

Stomach Recovery

Have time to enjoy the world without discomfort.







Which surprise do you wish to give?

Our products do not damage private parts.

We have product for this problem.











Do you want to come 1st or 2nd?

The difference is marginal. Have more reserve energy, positive attitude, focused concentration. Have the difference and come 1st.

Energy Booster gives the energy boost and concentration you need.








7 products

120 PhytoTablets Energy Booster
= 60 cans of the energetic drink

When you tired take the energy Booster tablet.


We would to present 7 initial products








Solving problems with the stomach, liver, joints, kidneys.

Fat reduction, water retention.

Building muscle mass.

Energy, concentration.




The perfect addition to an intense sport diet

Perfect supplement for a healthy life.



You can purchase and try our products shortly from our e-shop.

They are what you need to supplement your present diet.


The deal is this – you get 30%

Become a distributor of Biofiton.

Recommend our products to your clients, neighbours, friends, family.

They are ideal for sports people, the young that wish to be fit and the elderly who wish to mantain an active life.

We give a cashback of 30% on the net sales price.

Today you need to have your Trading activity, Company, Foundation or Association.





Thank you,

Become healthier yourself and also become a distributor.

Help in the results and health of your clients and earn money.

Thank you,
Joe Smoczyński contact@biofiton.eu