We presented our unique PhytoProducts at the ESP February 2019 tradeshow in Gdansk. The event is worth telling from our perspective.

Many of the big supplement firms were there, easy to notice with their logos and product displays. BIOFITON, a new firm on the Polish and European market, was placed amongst the giants.

On the first day people came to us stating “I have problems with my ……..……., can BIOFITON solve it”. Most problems related to stomach discomfort and lack of energy. We gave out “STOMACH RECOVERY” and “ENERGY BOOSTER” samples to try.

Next morning we had a steady flow of people asking for more “STOMACH RECOVERY”. We obliged and asked “why”, “what happened”. They answered that they had tried the various exhibitors’ free samples. They came back later stating that we saved them, taking even more PhytoTablets home.

ENERGY BOOSTER” gives added energy and improves concentration. A few took ENERGY BOOSTER before competing and confirmed that their energy levels increased and concentration improved, allowing better than expected results. Late afternoon they returned for more to take home.

Others came stating “I am so full of chemicals, that only chemicals can solve my problems”. One even joked that he glows at night!!. This fallacy is understandable as most so called natural products do not match the claims made. Most natural herbal products are not intensive or concentrated. Dried herb mechanical grinding opens about 10% of the cells. BIOFITON CryoGrinds all herbs at -196OC, opening 100% of the cells. In comparison our PhytoProducts work intensively like concentrates, 10 times more effective. Laboratory test results show this fact.

This false statement was made without knowing our products. Their rejection was due to past experience, not current knowledge. Our PhytoProducts are new – 5th Generation. These passers-by live in the past:
1st Fresh herbs picked and eaten as a salad. The stomach extracts and absorbs the natural goodness ;
2nd Dried ground herbs drank as a tea or sprinkled on food. The stomach extracts and absorbs the natural goodness;
3rd Tablets made from herbs, extracts and chemicals, including significant amounts of fillers and binders. Depending on the tablet hardness, they either dissolve in the stomach (soft tablets) or in the intestines (hard tablets);
4th Capsules, mainly filled with extracts and chemicals. The capsule outer skin is usually designed to dissolve in the intestines to avoid stomach damage;
5th PhytoTablets are 100% natural using 3% natural plant binders and 97% CryoGround herbs, opening 100% of the cells, allowing the stomach to extract and absorb their content effectively.